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Inspiration from 1930’s Hollywood

February 24, 2015

Thankfully, modern day has resurrected that posh interior design style modeled after Hollywood’s Golden Age. Who wouldn’t drool over Hollywood Regency’s glitz and glamour, high gloss and flashy elements? But for me the contribution goes deeper than show.

When I want to be inspired, I often look to the rooms and furniture pieces designed during the 1930s. While interior design can certainly make a statement and create a destination for occasions, to me, the design is about lifestyle. And, as a woman, it’s about feeling elegant.

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3 Interiors I Love

January 31, 2015

3 Interiors I Love by 3 Designers I Admire

Before Ryder relocated me to South Florida in 1995, I used to move every two years. Although I’ve since given myself permission to grow roots, a part of me still misses being nomadic for the exciting exposure to various experiences and approaches.

Plus, relocating that often gave me an opportunity to change room styles and design houses very different from one another. I have been over the moon in a pink master bedroom filled with paisleys and Laura Ashley florals and charmed rooms into transitional styles inspired by my travels.

Through this playful experimentation, I have developed an appreciation for beautiful interiors and the master works of renowned designers like Vicente Wolf, Elissa Cullman, and Jan Showers. Continue Reading…


Office Space – My Muse

November 19, 2014

For years I operated from virtual offices. While some find working at home lonely and constrictive, I enjoyed the opportunity to create live workspaces that reflected my tastes and served as a source of inspiration and invention for my work and my life.

Those years spent designing and decorating home offices taught me this: No matter the location of my working environment, I must make it my own to provide the creativity that I seek.

Now I work from my company office, which I designed to my 3 core beliefs:

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